So the greatest two weeks of my life have just ended, and I've been left with a serious case of post-Croatia depression. I keep trying to remind myself to be a bit more grateful. I'm in Italy again after all, right? Right?!

Croatia exceeded all my expectations, I've honestly never had so much fun in my life. From the ridiculously beautiful landscapes, whether it be the mountainous countryside, the expansive lakes, the rich blue ocean views along the coastal roads, or the divine islands, to the kind people, the amazing fresh food, the mouthwatering olive oil, the architecture, the culture and history, not to mention the ridiculous parties that never seem to stop, it's no wonder I was blown away.

We spent a few nights in Split, a week on the island of Hvar, a day trip to the island of Vis, and a few nights in the beautiful city of Dubrovnik. Hvar was heavenly, with lazy sun-drenched days by the water, renting out motor boats and exploring the small nearby islands, endless swimming and jumping off boats and berry eating and climbing fortresses, followed by nights filled with dancing, drinking, so many new friends, silliness and laughter that went on until the sun came up.

Croatia, I'll be back.


After leaving Italy, I headed up to the Czech Republic and stayed in the beautiful city of Prague. Without a doubt, Prague is my favourite city so far. A city so completely filled with such amazing mixtures of baroque and gothic architecture, history, food, music, culture and life could not disappoint, and disappoint it did not. While the weather wasn't great, I can't think of any city I'd rather be rugged up in, sipping tea at the window sills of cafes, munching on trdelnik, and walking the cobblestone streets. It really has such a beautiful vibrancy to it that makes it stand apart from other cities.

After Prague, it was off to Hungary where I spent five nights in Budapest. It's an impressive European city with unique and impressive architecture aplenty, not to mention a great bar and restaurant culture, and the many Turkish baths to relax in. A highlight was stumbling across a hidden jem of a vintage clothing shop called Ludovika Vintage. Recently opened, it was bursting with ridiculously cute genuine vintage clothes, accessories and knick knacks. If you live in or are travelling to Budapest, definitely hunt it down!

From Budapest, I said goodbye to my dear friend Jess who I travelled with for the past month, and headed down to Croatia to meet up with my cousin and a couple of friends. I'm currently still in Croatia, and absolutely loving every second of this amazing country, so hang out for a post on Croatia soon.

Here are a few of my favourite photos of Prague and Budapest, taken on my iPhone.