A collection of snaps I took whilst Louis and I were in Croatia for a fortnight, soaking up the warm European summer sun and swimming in the salty sea. We spent time in Split, Hvar and Korčula. It was my first time in Korčula and I couldn't have loved it more; it's the first place I've been to in a very long time where I've felt like not many people come here. It's such a special feeling to be somewhere so magical and not feel like you're just another traveller, not feel like you're overrunning the place, but instead feel like you're blending in with local life and authentic every day living.

Hvar was as I remember it: busy and bustling, but still divine. We rented a little motorboat for a day which I couldn't recommend more; you get an ice filled esky with the boat, which we stocked up with berries and snacks, and we headed out for the day, exploring the nearby cluster of Pakleni Islands looking for secluded beaches and crystal clear swimming spots. My favourite beach in Hvar was out of town, and super close to where we were staying, called Pokonji Dol. It's a beautiful walk along the coastline to get there, and whilst it can get quite crowded, if you go early in the day or in the evening, it's perfect. The colour of the water never gets old.

Hope you enjoy a few snapshots of our sun drenched Croatian summer.


This post has been a while in the making, sorrrry. I had it all typed up and ready to go but my internet was so bad and had other plans, and it didn't save the post, and then I lost it all. And then I couldn't bring myself to retype everything up for a little while, but here we are, round two, let's go. Here's a list of some of my favourite favourite favourite spots in Paris for a good feed, a good coffee, a good sweet thang, or a combination of all of the above. Enjoy!!


A completely gluten free bakery (ya heard me!) with the BEST gluten free bread I have EVER had ever. Ever. Go and get yourself a loaf of their poppyseed foccacia, or the herbes de provence foccacia, or the olive foccacia, or all of the above??? I'm not judging. And please get yourself one of their pain de sucre, the one with the little choc chips in it!!! It's like a long rectangular thing of sweet sugar crusted bread with choccy chips and bits of candied orange in it, I die. They also do a mean vegan banana bread. And a tasty little bruschetta type thing.

Wild and the Moon

Wild and the Moon is ideal for all your superfood smoothie and green juice cravings, and they also do a really delicious acai bowl. My favourite thing to get here, however, were the vegan sandwiches! There was a different sandwich each day, made using the most amazing fresh Chambelland gluten free bread, always with the most amazing fillings like grilled veges and vegan pesto and raw cashew cheese etc. They also had a great little selection of vegan cakes and treats. They have a bunch of locations around Paris, but the Wild and the Moon @ Lafayette was my favourite out of the couple that I went to; a really groovy building, and a super spacious cafe area.
Love Juice Bar

For the best smoothie bowls in Paris, go go go to Love Juice Bar. This place was a heavenly find, I can't rave about it enough. Literally, we came here almost every day that we were in Paris. The acai bowl is divine, the banana strawberry bowl was so thick and creamy, they make their own nut mylk in house each day, and the smoothies are so thick and sweet. Side note, get that extra almond butter, always. Love is a tiny little hole in the wall so if you're there at a busy time you may not get a seat, but what was super sweet was how friendly and chatty everyone became because of how small the space was!


Nanashi has a couple of locations around Paris, we went to the Nanashi Paradis location, and it's perfect for a healthy, wholesome, satisfying and unique meal. It's got an Asian twist to it, but definitely isn't traditional Asian food. You basically order a bento meal situation, which comes with whatever is the dish of the day (either vege, fish or meat) (I got an amazing miso baked eggplant with a mango salsa), whatever is the salad of the day, and a rice and lentil mix. It's like a healthy bento box. They also have amazing fresh rice paper rolls and onigiri on the menu!


Partisan was a really groovy cafe with a beautiful open and light-filled interior. If specialty coffee is your jam, you'll love this place! They take their coffee v seriously, have high quality and well brewed teas, and they have a delicious little selection of sweet things too. Get the ooey gooey sesame dark chocolate vegan and gluten free cookie; I went back for this bad boy a few times during our stay, no shame. It was like a brownie in cookie form.


A sweet little cafe with a really cosy vibe, with really good coffee. Not a huge menu and they didn't have any non-dairy milks which was kind of surprising, but the tea was good, the black coffees were really good, and the vibe was good.

Sunday in Soho

A really recently opened cafe, the interiors of this place grabbed our attention and drew us in, and the super friendly owner got us to stay. The owner is originally from NYC and was super chatty and gave us a bunch of Paris tips. Good vibes, a great menu, and good coffee.


Another really sweet little hole in the wall cafe! Super cosy and cute interiors, and really really good coffee, plus homemade cakes. We only had drinks here so I can't speak for the food, but everything that was coming out looked aaaaamazing and the menu sounded so so good. A handful of really good vegan options like avo on toast and vanilla chia pudding, plus they have an always changing vegan lunch of the day!


An entirely gluten free cafe and patisserie, NoGlu is a go-to for the gluten sensitive. They're located in the most beautiful passage filled with lots of other groovy shops and restaurants, and have a seasonally influenced menu which always has a few vege options and vegan flexible options going on. The patisserie only had a couple of vegan cakes to choose from, which I was glad for because choice gets tough sometimes u kno, and I ended up with the most divine little coconut raspberry cake which was so moist and delicious.

VG Patisserie

This place had to make a feature here for obvious reasons; vegan croissants ppl!!! And vegan sweets and macarons and all the good things. Plus plenty of gluten free options too. We got a croissant, plus two little tartelettes, one was a lemon mint tart (my favourite; it tasted like a lemon meringue pie!!!) and the other was a strawberry rhubarb tart (also divine!). So good!! Experiencing authentic french goodies but vegan! Exclamation mark!!
Another a couple of places that I'll mention here are Le Potager du Marais, which is an entirely vegan traditional French restaurant that we unfortunately didn't make it to because it was closed the night we were going to go but it looks amazing! And Hank's Burger Bar, which was pretty good and it's amazing to have an all vegan burger joint in Paris, however I will say that I had a pretty nasty reaction to their wedges/hot chips and it turns out the seasoning continues wheat flour, which I only found out because they were unpacking the frozen bags whilst I was in the shop one day waiting for Louis to get a burger and I read the ingredients list, so there's that. Don't eat them if you've got allergies! And don't trust that the server will let you know there's wheat in the chips even if you order their gluten free burger.

I hope this little guide helps you on your delicious food endeavours and caffeine seeking in Paris!