A little compilation of some amazing cafes, restaurants, speciality coffee spots, and great places to get your hands on a healthy, wholesome meal or amazing treats of the vegan persuasion in Amsterdam.

Beter and Leuk

Oh Beter and Leuk sooo sweeet. Homemade food with love is their whole thing, so expect cosy vibes and mostly plant based wholesome goodness. They're entirely vegetarian and with many a vegan option, including buckwheat pancakes, a smoothie bowl, daily salads and soups, a savoury pancake, and a vegan tempeh bibimbap bowl. Their cakes are also delish; think vegan banana bread, carrot cake, and a couple of raw desserts too. They also do dinners from their sweet little takeaway section that I didn't get to try but sound divine (vegan gf roasted vegetable lasagne ummmm yep).

Juice Brothers

There are a handful of cold pressed juice and smoothie shops scattered around the city, but Juice Brothers was easily my favourite and definitely the tastiest. Get the acai bowl (the almond acai bowl was my favourite - almond butter everything) and absolutely die for their granola. You can buy a bag of the granola from the store too - dangerous, but highly recommended. I bought a couple over the fortnight we were in Amsterdam and they never lasted long. If you're after a greens fix they have a bunch of green juices and smoothies to choose from as well. My absolute favourite smoothie was the Purple Rain; banana, strawberries, blueberries, almond butter and vanilla almond milk; so good! If you go to their Haarlemmerplein location, they also have raw vegan gelato from VanLeeuwen, a Brooklyn born vegan ice cream joint, and crazy good vegan sourdough donuts by Donut Dude Amsterdam.
The Meets

For something a little bit special, head to the Meets! A super relaxed but beautiful space, with a really interesting and diverse menu, 80% plant based with a few fishy options on the menu. We had the rice paper rolls to start, followed by the Thai green curry (so yum, so many good flavours), the Mexican bean burger, and some polenta fries on the side. I really wanted to go back and try their dosa rolls filled with silky tofu and veggies and their chickpea farinata "pizza" but we didn't get the chance. They looked so amazing though. They also have vegan gluten free cakes for dessert!

Mastino V

A vegan and gluten free pizza place, r u kiddin me is this real. I'll say it again because it's worth it: entirely gluten free, entirely vegan, crazy delicious pizza. Apparently their vegan mozzarella is made in house and made from almonds, and the menu is just so tasty and vege filled. Amazing. It's slightly on the pricier side, but eating out in Amsterdam generally is so why not, go wild. We got a couple of takeaways one night and had a little floor picnic hiding out from the rain.

ROOTS Amsterdam

A sweet and small health food cafe serving up all vegan wholesome goodness: lots of raw vegan meals, acai bowls, salads, wraps, and a couple of delicious burgers, as well as cold pressed juices and smoothies.


We came here an almost embarrassing amount of times whilst in Amsterdam, but truly, they do the best almond milk matcha latte I've ever had. No bitterness whatsoever, a really beautiful natural sweetness, just the right strength, and the almond milk was perfectly creamy. It's also just the grooviest space with beautiful interior design, and their menu is small but so interesting. There were a a couple of vegan options that I noted on the menu like the Japanese rice bowl, house made granola with almond milk, and I'm pretty sure their stunning avocado toast could be made vegan if you asked for it without the aioli. They're super serious about their coffee too, which was why we ended up here in the first place as Louis sniffs out all the best speciality coffee joints anywhere we go, so you're guaranteed a good brew if you come here.


Not a huge menu and not a whole lot of vegan options, but to be honest I mainly came here for the vibe. Super cool Scandinavian interior design, oh so cosy and comfortable, beautiful natural lighting, really friendly and relaxed staff, amazing coffee, and really really good teas. They're also a wine bar at night with a great selection of wines and the grooviest space to sip them in.

Call me basic but I thought I'd throw this in here because I loved this organic store and found they had the best range and the best prices compared to some of the other organic stores I went into. We often bought our groceries, vegan ice cream and almond milk yoghurt (by the brand Abbot Kinney's, getttt itttt), pasta, tofu etc etc from here as there was one pretty close to where we were staying. They also had pre-made vegan sushi available which was delicious and super convenient for an on-the-go lunch or snack. Plus, they had a great selection of vegan and biodynamic wines, if you're into that!


Call me basic 2.0 but SLA was a big favourite for lunches. There are a few locations scattered around the city, they're beautiful spaces, and their menu is just filled with delicious salad bowls and healthy goodness. I always went for the build-your-own bowl, where you get greens, a few different veggies of your choice, a grain or legume, a dressing of your choice, toppings, plus whatever extras you want to add onto the staples. I would usually get a red rice, smoked tofu, zoodle filled bowl with olives and roasted capsicum. So fresh, so yum. They also have a bunch of vegan cakes and desserts, which is always a win.

Farmer's markets

We seemed to stumble across some kind of a farmer's market almost every day of the week in Amsterdam, and we'd always leave with a couple of punnets of fresh berries and bunches of freshly picked greens in hand. Have a google and you'll find a more extensive list of the different markets and where they are; a couple that we came across were the Boerenmarkt Noordermarkt on a Saturday, which was my favourite, and the Nieuwmarkt Biological Farmer's Market on a Saturday also.
Other vegan eats that I've heard great things about but didn't get the chance to try were Meatless District, Delicious Deshima, and Vegan Junk Food Bar! Go and let me know what's good ;)