Roma has my heart, big time. This was my fourth time in Rome, and every single time I've been here has been a totally different experience; so much buzz, history, life, excitement, beauty, and so many hidden gems packed into one city. We stayed in the super trendy area of Rione Monti which is close to everything. It's tucked away just behind the Roman Forum and the Colosseum, and has a million eateries, gelaterias (including a raw vegan one!), vintage stores, and well dressed humans to make all your people watching dreams come true. We spent our days walking (so, so much walking) the city, finding sweet neighbourhoods and dream future homes, escaping the crowds that are inevitable in Rome, and finding the little foodie gems that are scattered and plenty.

Sorry not sorry for all the snaps of beautiful buildings; Rome has a beauty at a every corner!

The first couple of days after leaving Australia were spent in Naples, where we attempted to kick the jet lag. We stayed right on the Bay of Naples, waking up to the most beautiful sunrise hitting the city around the bay with the most brilliant gold, walked around the city a whole lot, finding some good eats (not too hard as Naples locals are serious about their food), and wandering the Museum of Archaeology (so interesting and in such a beautiful building, highly recommend).

Following Naples, we spent a week in Positano, which you can read about here, and whilst in Positano we did a couple of day trips; one to the marvellous Isle of Capri, another down the coast a little further to the town of Amalfi. On our first full day in Positano we also got up bright and early to do the breath taking Walk of the Gods, a 10 km walk winding along the coast line way up high.

Finally, on our way out of the south and up to Rome, we stopped off at the monastery of San Benedicto in Montecassino; a really beautiful spot, and so rich in history, and the perfect half way spot between Rome and Naples for a spot of lunch.

Here are a bunch of photos from all of the above! First up, Naples:


The Isle of Capri

The Abbey at Montecassino


Hello my poor, ignored blog, it's been a little while. Two and a half weeks ago now, I embarked on a big long overseas trip; the plan is to be away for at least seven months, maybe until November, maybe longer but who knows! We don't have much planned out beyond the next month or so, which makes it all the more exciting. A deep need to dig my toes into new earth, throw myself out of routine and comfort, make space for myself to heal and grow, the thrill of not knowing, the possibility that lies in that, all led me here.

In an attempt to remember all the good stuff and document this path, I'll be posting recaps, photo sets, city guides, and foodie spots all on here. First up, Positano.

Darling of the Amalfi Coast, home of peachy hues and killer evening light. After a couple of days in Naples to kick the jet lag, we wound our way along the notoriously narrow Amalfi coastal road to spend a whole week perched on a cliff in Positano, staying in the most divine old house looking out over the Mediterranean. Maybe a billion photos have been taken of Positano, but it never gets old, does it? It's a dream, spilling down the cliffsides to the ocean, where dedicated sun tanners spend their days lying on the blue beach chairs like lizards. The food is delicious, the walks are magnificent, and the tiles (oh, the tiles!) are some serious future home inspiration. There's not too much else to say, so here's a bunch of photos that I took whilst lounging like a lizard with a penchant for pasta around Positano.