We have a new contender for favourite city in the world! Prague is still right up there, but Amsterdam... Oh Amsterdam. So much beauty and life in one city!

After Belgium, I headed on up to the Netherlands, where I was reunited with Jess (my fellow globe trotter from the first month of my travels). We spent four days together exploring the city, wandering the canals, avoiding being run down by the astounding number of bicycles, finding delicious cosy cafes to escape the rainy weather, visiting the Rijksmuseum and Anne Frank house, checking out the waterlooplein flea markets, and essentially eating our body weights in tasties.

After Jess returned to Switzerland (where she's currently studying abroad), I stayed with my best friend's childhood friend who lives in Amsterdam! The darling Eve welcomed me into her wonderful home, made sure I was cosy as can be, showed me her city, and opened my eyes even further to just how wonderful Amsterdam truly is. We rode around the city on her Vespa, visited the photography gallery Foam, went out drinking and dancing, went to the ballet, and the good food fest continued (did someone say speculoos?). When Eve had to study, I took myself to the Van Gogh museum which was absolutely magnificent and well worth a visit.

The beauty and electricity of Amsterdam captured my heart, and here are just a few snapshots taken on my iPhone, an attempt at capturing that beauty and life.