From Scotland, Phoebe and I made our way down to our first stop in England; the beautiful Lakes District. We stayed in the adorable, quaint little village of Grasmere, famous for its gingerbread slice and for being the home of Wordsworth, and spent our time wandering around the classic English town, having tea and scones, and walking around the lakes. The most wonderful afternoon was spent climbing up a mountain, and looking out across the magnificent rolling hills and down to the lakes and little houses and towns below us, feeling the cool air bite our cheeks and fill our lungs. My phone decided to die on me as we did that walk, so unfortunately I have no photos, but it meant I was totally focused on the wild nature around me, mentally soaking it all of it up.

From the Lakes, we headed down to London, where we stayed with a girl Phoebe had met earlier this year in France. We spent a wonderful few days doing all the classic sightseeing, visiting museums, wandering the city (I hate paying for transport when I have two perfectly capable legs, and what better way to get to know a city than to walk everywhere?), visiting the famous Portobello Road markets and eating delicious fresh market food, drinking lots of cider, vintage shopping at the wonderfully grungy Camden Town, eating out at Covent Garden (the best Mexican I've ever had), and having a girly cocktail night.

We then made for Brighton, where we stayed with two girls we had met whilst in Croatia. We had an awesome night out at a club right on the beach, ate fish and chips on the pier, explored the North and South Lanes - wonderful winding lanes filled with little boutique shops, vintage shops, cosy cafes and bakeries - and wandered around the famous pavilion.

It was from Brighton that Phoebe left me, to make her way back home. My last travelling companion departed, and so began my solo travels! I spent a couple of extra days in Brighton, to get my head around travelling alone, where I explored the Brighton pier, spent lots of time in cosy cafes, and went on a lovely bike ride along the coast line. I then made my way back up to London, and caught a night bus/ferry across to my next stop, Belgium.

Here are a selection of photos from the Lakes, London and Brighton, taken on my iPhone.