I write this from the warmth of a sunny spot in my backyard, a world apart from the fast-approaching European winter that these photos were taken in. Somehow four months hurricaned past me, and this post is the last of the adventures of my wonderful, whirlwind time backpacking around Europe.

The endlessly fascinating and multilayered city of Berlin was my final stop. The first couple of days I was there, I was blessed with sunshine and not-completely-freezing weather. The sun was going down at around 4pm and then the icy cold would set in, so I spent the short daylight hours that I had walking everywhere. I visited the Berlin Wall memorial site, the absolutely impressive Jewish museum, the victory column and the wonderful surrounding park, the Brandenburg gate, soaked up the festivities of the Chrismas markets, and hunted down lovely cafes to hide away in with tea and soup.

The past four months were some of the greatest months of my life, and included some of the highest highs and lows that I've ever experienced, from which I have come away from stronger, wiser, and more self assured than I could have ever hoped to be.

Here is the final installment of my European photos, taken on my iPhone. Stay tuned for future travels; I've got some pretty exciting adventures planned for January.