This quinoa sushi is one of my favourite little meals; such a super easy, delicious meal or snack, which looks pretty impressive but actually takes no effort at all. If you aren't a big quinoa fan, then simply sub it for the more traditional option of rice! I put this recipe together as a collaboration with GT Homewares, who were kind enough to send me a couple of their absolutely gorgeous ceramics.

Serves two (can be easily doubled):

What you need:

1 cup of uncooked quinoa
1 tblsp of rice vinegar
1 tblsp of maple syrup

1 cucumber, cut into sticks
1 avocado, sliced
1/2 a raw beetroot, grated
A couple of handfuls of sprouts
3-4 sheets of nori seaweed

Tamari, sesame seeds and pickled ginger for serving.

What you need to do:

Rinse the quinoa and cook it according to the packet instructions (this should take around 15-20 minutes). Once cooked, drain any excess water if necessary, and mix the vinegar and maple syrup through. Spread the quinoa out across two thirds of the nori sheets. Fill with cucumber sticks, avocado, raw beetroot and sprouts. Using a bamboo mat (optional, but makes it easier), roll the sushi up carefully. Sliced into rounds, and serve with pickled ginger, tamari soy sauce and a sprinkle of sesame seeds.