The Blue City, unlike the apparently Pink City of Jaipur, is actually blue. Yep, blue houses poking out everywhere. Blue houses and little alley ways, narrow streets to lose yourself in, archways and tiny doorways, rooftops to sit upon and soak up all that lies below, and all watched over by the truly breathtaking Mehranghar Fort which can be seen from wherever you are in the old city. The old city of Jodhpur was everything I had been hoping for from Rajasthan. We arrived by train and hopped into a taxi, only for the taxi to drop us off at one of the old city gates. Cars, we now know, aren't allowed into the old city because of the crazy narrow streets, so we then piled into a tuk tuk, the three of us and our backpacks, and found our way to our hotel. We stayed at Jewel Palace Haweli, an amazingly old building with tiny doorways (there was many a head bump), narrow staircases, courtyards, dungeons, and a rooftop to soak up the sun, watch sunsets, and listen to the evening chants.

We spent our days in Jodhpur exploring the narrow, maze-like old city, climbing up to the fort, exploring the beautiful museum there, getting told off for straying off path around the fort's walls, braving the chaotic clock tower markets, having our breakfast stolen by monkeys on the rooftop of our hotel, sipping tea at the lovely Cafe Royale right in amongst the hubbub of the clock tower markets, and having great chats with the cafe owner about music, community, vegetarianism, and the rest. We were also on a mission to find an amazing step well we'd been told about, and the owner of the cafe led us straight to it, just a few minutes walk from the clock tower. Definitely worth hunting down, such a beautiful and well-kept piece of architecture!

Here are a few images taken during our time in Jodhpur!