A horrible and chaotic journey from Goa back down to Kochi ensued, and 48 hours later than intended, we finally found our way back to Kerala. Our final stop in India, we felt the relief of returning somewhere familiar as we drove into little old Fort Kochi for our last few nights. This time around we stayed in a divine little hotel called Breath Inn, run by the sweetest couple, in a lovely bright room that was such amazing value for money. We wandered the colourful streets, popping into the plentiful art galleries and drinking iced teas at Qissa, Kashi Arts Cafe, and Loafers, and eating almost all our meals at Sri Krishna (I can't say no to a $1 thali plate or an 80 cent dosa). We also went to a sunrise yoga session, and did a day trip down to Alleppey, buying a $1 return local train ticket, sitting with our legs dangling out the door and watching the palm trees and backwaters of Kerala whizz past us. If you're down in Alleppey and looking for somewhere to eat, go go go to a place called Hotel Hot Kitchen, a very locals only joint where we had one of the best meals of our trip; endless Keralan rice and curries, masala dosa, and the best uttapum I've had in India, all for just a couple of dollars.

And so concludes our time in India; six weeks has flown by, but isn't that always the case when you're in a whirlwind of colour, chaos, noise, attempting to soak up and comprehend the whirlwind that is a place such as India? Next stop, Indonesia!